Welcome once again, LinkBuilding TV viewers.  This is our second installment this week – no rest for L.B.T.V., friends.  Days ago, I posted a discussion with James focused on remote teams and maintaining unity regardless of distance between members.

Today, I took the train over to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia and walked to Indy Hall, a co-work building of independents doing their thing, many focused on the tech space. I’m most content to tell of my time there, speaking with friend and peer I highly respect, Nick Eubanks.

If you haven’t noticed, Nick has been planting bombs all over the Web:

- How to Build a Keyword Opportunity Model

- Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things to Consider

Oh yes, in August Nick discussed content with some dude, Content Muse…

That was then, and this is now.  Please enjoy the show, and a big thank you to Eubanks for his time and contribution.


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